A BIRD's Eye View.

When I first got here, oh so many moons ago, I lived in a Gaijin House (Hell House) in Tokyo. From time to time, my Housemates (Mark & Dion in particular) & I would go on a ゴミ (gomi) run. That is, wandering the streets on Garbage Collection eve and pilfering whatever goodies we could from the trash heaps. After a few months, we had acquired TVs for a half-dozen of us, as well as various other appliances such as malfunctioning Space Heaters. We could then watch all the channels (6!) in the privacy of our tiny 6X6 tatami mat room and die of carbon monoxide poisoning (Ah, good times.)

In the wee hours of the morn, on one of the innumerable music programs, I first became hooked on Bird. This Kyoto-born gal had alluring eyes and crazy hair and sang J-Pop in a Jazzy fashion often with Bossa Nova undertones.

I have picked up several of her cds in the various used CD shops in the city and every now and then give her a listen. I found this CD 私的パートナー (My Private Partner) in a Tsutaya last night for only 50¥ as well as a Puffy CD I didn't have for the same price. WooHoo! As often happens, her style of music has gone more the way of the Pop than the Jazz but her stuff is still most listenable.

Here is マインドトラベル (Mind Travel) on YouTube. Click around for other tunes.

空の瞳 (Sora no Hitomi)


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