Bloody Fantastic!

I'm one of the few in the Blogosphere who actually enjoyed the first Fantastic Four movie. I've seen it since on DVD, shown it to my students and lent it to co-workers. They all agree with me that it's a pretty good flick. So today, I saw the sequel with a shiny Silver Surfer. All the flaws of the first movie are still there, but the good stuff is better! Ben & Johnny's bickering is tremendous, Reed is a little sillier, Doom is more evilish(?), Norrin is just RADDical and Sue Storm gets nekkid again. If I have one qualm about it, I was really distracted by the thickness of the makeup on Alba's mug. They really caked it on with a trowel (almost as much as Ben's!) Ahh, I loved it. Short & Sweet with about 30 minutes less of a running time than the first movie. Stan Lee's cameo was very tongue in cheek, though I don't recall seeing a nod to Kirby in the credits this time.

Recommended. (Now, I expect to hear from all the naysayers out there and maybe a few well-wishers too.)

The Japanese title is ファンタスティック・フォー
(not sure how to pronounce it) and click on the link to go to the site with trailers and games and stuff.
The Fantasti-Car was cool.

This is, of course, the iconic Lee/Kirby comic that started the Surfer craze. Is he Jesus/ a pacifist/ a war-monger/ a bald guy? You be the judge. (Check out Breathless, Reservoir Dogs & Crimson Tide for references to him.)

I didn't buy many goods apart from a Clear File folder and the program, but here are a bunch more FF goodies. The cap looks cool, but not for 2000¥.

This has been sitting on my TV with a several other Marvel character mini models acquired from little capsules. I have some other toys but it's getting late and I don't want to go hunting for them.

Apart from TV commercials, I haven't seen much merchandise in the stores (or UFO Catchers), but click if you want a milk mustache . Alex told me about a Domino's Pizza campaign where you can get spicy hot Torch wings, Thing chicken nuggets, stretchy cheese or Invisible Clear tea. Mmmm.

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