M I C K E Y M O U S E.

What few people in Japan realise is that the term,
"Mickey Mouse" can refer to something of inferior quality. In this land where cuteness reigns, Mickey is everywhere. Shirts, hats, kimono...the list goes on. Here in Sendai, one of the more popular meeting spots is in front of the Disney Store. While waiting for your friends, the theme from the Mickey Mouse club plays every 30 minutes. Fortunately it's the English version, the Japanese version goes something like, "Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Mickey-Mickey Mouse."

These photos are from an art exhibit in Korea where they have taken famous characters and skeletonized them. I think Mickey's pretty cool, but the Warner characters are much cooler. (Here's a link to the Gallery if you happen to be a Seoul-man... Arario.)


And for the cartoon that started it all..."Steamboat Willie". Gotta love that animal cruelty. Apparently someone flagged this as inappropriate and now a warning flashes before you can play the toon.

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