The Cola Wars Continue...

Coca Cola may have the better commercials, but when it comes to the stuff that they attach to their drinks, they are losing the battle.

Check out these: a couple of cutesy memo pads (a pig on a palm & a dicy robot), erasers (elephant & friends plus that pig again) and a けん玉 which is actually a mini-ballpoint pen.
Though these Fanta products (Grape, Lemon & Orange) goodies have a certain charm, they pale in comparison to Pepsi's plethora of prime premiums.

Pretty cool, but not as cool as following Snoopy all over Japan as he lies upon the various specialty foods of several cities throughout Japan. As it may be difficult to discern individual dishes from this cornucopia, I suggest you go to the source to whet your appetite.

I managed to collect the entire set of 24 in 3 days and 80% of them were purchased in one fell swoop at a supermarket at 98¥ a pop. The others took some detective work, but I acquired them with only 5 doubles. I like Snoopy on a 鹿児島豚 (Kagoshima pig) the best.

UPDATE: Kagoshima just had a volcano eruption! As far as I can tell, there doesn't appear to be any injuries, but that's a dramatic way to cook their pigs!

One of these days, I plan to sell them off for a tremendous profit, but for now I'm using my Snoopys as cannon fodder in the Cola Clash.

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wiec? said...

cool stuff. in the states you don't need premiums to sell soda. Another reason Japan has it all over on us.

Snoopy is great and i'm happy you got them all. usually with those kinda things the best one is usually impossible to find. the ones with Snoopy on the pig and the peanut are my faves.


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