My Wife's A Witch!

I've just finished watching the first half-dozen episodes of Bewitched and was going to write about that, but then I discovered something called, 奥さまは魔女 (Okusama wa Majo) also known as: "Bewitched in Tokyo" which ran for almost a dozen episodes in 2004 on TBS.

The wife is a witch! But she likes humans and she loves her husband.

Arisa is fascinated by humans. So much so that she leaves the magic world. But the broom she uses is faulty and she winds up in Japan. There she meets Joji Matsui who works at an advertising agency. Joji has been assigned by his boss Ichio Suzuki the difficult task of winning over Shiori Nomo who is in charge of corporate communications at a client. However a little word from Arisa helps Joji win over Shiori and his agency gets the opportunity to pitch. Arisa and Joji fall in love and marry. Arisa swears never to use magic again as she and Joji begin their strange witch/human married life. However, Arisa's mother, Daria wants to take Arisa back to her world and uses magic to be a nuisance to the new couple. Arisa has to take care of Joji's boss Suzuki who drops in all the time, the prying eyes of their neighbors and the interference of her witch mother.

I recognize the male star from some TV shows and the gal I'm not so sure about. Yonekura Ryoko as Matsui Arisa (Witch) and Harada Taizo as Matsui Joji, her husband.

One of the themes is done by Tommy February6, "Magic In Your Eyes":

It's rather meh and the other songs are "One True Love" & "My Sweet Home" by 10,000 Promises (but those guys usually do BackStreet Boys covers, so I'm not going to bother tracking them down.)

I'm going to hunt around for a few more clips. This looks pretty amusing.

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