The Creepy Countdown Begins.

To start off 2011's Countdown to Halloween, I'd first like to send a head's up to my leeetle seeester, Leah, who turns a year older today. If you look at the little girl in the tiger costume in this post, you can see her on a Halloween many years ago. She's changed a bit since then. Happy Birthday to you and Casper!

I'm going to try to stick to a Supernatural theme on Saturdays and offer up some Spooks & Spectres. I picked up this GeGeGe book and within it are a set of creepy cards of various Yokai.

This one looks rather ethereal so it fits today's theme.

Today's sinister snack is the ghostly Pringles, Onion Gratin. I must say this ghost is pretty cheesy.

I hope to add a "Nightmare Before Christmas" character daily to the mix so I'd say that Zero fits the bill. If you pull out the pumpkin on this figure, Zero zips around Jack. (I have plenty more NBC goodies, so we'll be seeing Zero again.)

Today's Spooky Cinema will be 湖面の魂 (Komen no Oni) or "Lost Souls".

Next time you're told not to look...don't look!

Finally, here is an unsettling image. Hello Kitty has become Good-bye Kitty and walks the earth as a Phantom Feline!


Shawn Robare said...

Flat out, no fair that you guys get Halloween-y Pringles! I'd trade our Star Wars Pringles in a heartbeat for ones with Ghosts on the packaging...

Michael Jones said...

This is the first time I have seen anything unusual on a tube of Pringles. I hope we get plenty more weirdness.


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