Ghibli Surprises Me!

I finally got around to seeing コクリコ坂から (From up on Poppy Hill) and based on the ads, I expected a sweet touching story about first love in a small sea-faring town. Instead, much to my surprise, I got a tale of incest, young lust and horny sailors! But then my companion explained the film to me and it turned out to be a sweet touching story about first love in a small sea-faring town.

Thanks to Yvonne for accompanying me and acting as translator for the tougher parts of the dialogue. In appreciation, I gave her a pair of Okinawa lions which you can grab for yourself if you head up to the fourth floor of Parco.

Even with my bare-bones understanding of the Japanese language, I was able to follow the tale fairly well thanks to the wonderful colourful visuals of the storyteller, Hayao Miyazaki's son Gorō Miyazaki.

I was incredibly impressed with the Soundtrack. It was very Jazzy and before I even knew when the movie took place, I could guess it was early 60s thanks to the tunes, "上を向いて歩こう" (Ue o Muite Arukō or Sukiyaki) and one to the theme of "Red River Valley" (I think.)

After we parted ways, I had some time to kill before the last train from Rifu, so I quaffed a beer and had some Yakiniku at ヤキトリとまれ next to the station.

Impressively, From up on Poppy Hill will be showcased as one of the Japanese films being showcased at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, which will be held from 8 to 18 September 2011. I'm not sure if it'll be subtitled or not, so you'd better review the Wiki page before you go.

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