I got myself a new camera and it is taking ages for it to charge its battery so I may not be able to photograph with it tonight. It's an Olympus SZ-20 and it seems to have lots of cool functions that I won't be able to figure out (eg. I'm having a hard time registering it since it's all in Japanese) but I should be able to snap & upload and that's all I need for now. Fortunately, this page has been rather helpful.

I believe it was created on Mount Olympus, Suffering Psyche!

Anyway, I stumbled across a cool YouTube and since Halloween is about 70 days away, I thought I'd introduce you to the 京都嵐電 = Apparition Train!

Any mode of public transportation that causes kids to start bawling is okay by me!

Thanks to the following one, I figured out where it is. It's the Randen (Keifuku Railway) Youkai (Spectre) Train in Kyoto. I suspect it travels in August since that's when the Yōkai are most active.

Speaking of trains, I really have to make it down to Sakaiminato to check out the Totem Pole with 10 different yōkai-creations in front of the train station of GeGeGe creator, Shigeru Mizuki.

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