Dragon My Arse.

I've posted a lot of pics lately of animals found at zoos, but my all time fave is in the news today. I've always loved the
コモドオオトカゲ (Komodo-ootokage, literally Big Lizard = Komodo Dragon) since I first saw the giant lizards on Jonny Quest. (Thanks to an amazing JQ site, I've learned that they were based on the Tobura lizard not the Kodomo Dragon, but the love is still there!)

Check out the first few seconds of this and try to tell me you disagree!

By a happy coincidence, my second favourite lizard is on the tube right now...the GORN!


Anonymous said...

For those days when your brats are particularily grating- watch and enjoy!
"Sticks & Stones may break my bones but I'm gonna kick you repeatedly in the balls"

Anonymous said...

and one because you're such a good friend man.
Live long & prosper


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