Making My Mark!

Hey, I'm in print in two radically different publications! First up is my monthly Bridge Newsletter (JCBL Bulletin) that acknowledges the Master Points I've been accumulating. Since I joined the Japan Contract Bridge League in December, I've acquired 1.54 MP yet since this last edition was published, I've earned 2.37 more! I'll let you know when I break 10 MPs! (Alas, this pales in comparison to the over 1500 points I'd accumulated back in my IBM Bridge Club days playing with my brother as a partner, but I'd won a couple of tournaments back then!)

The other big news is that マイケル・トマス・ジョーンズ (Michael Thomas Jones) has shown up in the NHK 文化センター Newsletter! (NHK stands for 日本放送協会 or Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai; 文化センター means Bunka Senta- or Culture Centre.) Coincidentally enough, two of the members from the above Bridge Club recognized me from that picture! I take over four hourly classes starting in April and there's a chance that a fifth OBAMA lesson will be added!

To make my day complete, I discovered a new flavour of KitKat today, ジャスミンティー or Jasmine Tea! It was delish!

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