What A Zoo!

I thought I'd finish off my trip to Ueno with a few more pictures of the Zoo there. Let's start with Ethel the Aardvark (ツチブタ) & its mate and then see what the rest of the zoo has in store for us.

Feeding time at the zoo! As you can see the zoo had a birthday for one of its most celebrated animals, Earnestus-Ernestimus!

When did they let these ones out of their cages? Rather debonaire looking all dressed up, I must say!

No Travoltas here but they have a few moves on the dance floor.

They can sure make a lot of noise when they start singing.

The DJs newest apprentice.

Ssssexy and ssssultry.

Cute & Cuddly!

Wow, are they ever tiny!

The Big & the Beautiful:

Nighty-night time for all good animals to retire to their dens!

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