Hey, Hey We're The Monks!

My only surviving High School friend (not that others from my High School have died, but the only one that I am still in touch with), Phillip, is a musician of small renown, though he'd like to be better known. You can try a few samples of his mellow acoustic sound at PIP and if you like it, buy tunes online or download them.

He's promoting a new album, MonkDragon, that promises to be one of his best ever and you can buy it at: MonkDragon.
He has loads of his older tunes for download such as
Ennui Cafe via zunior.com or Great Lounge Short Songs
at cdbaby.com. Phil took the accompanying photo in Luang Prabang with the monk's permission. (Worry not, I had look up where the heck Luang Prabang is and it's in Laos...)

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