Losing It.

Hair that is. I popped into Shaft yesterday after a coffee with Dave and he invited me to watch some of the new ALTs get their heads shaved for a charity to help Cancer-kids. They called the event St. Baldricks (sort of a cross between St. Patrick's & the word "bald") and several brave souls got themselves sheared live. The Hairy Shearer was ex-Echo DJ Kyo and my occasional stylist and he had a blast doing it. I made sure that his shop (One Nation 022-224-7836) was given a heads up and I shall do the same.

I have not been impressed with the last few lots of ALTs but these guys & gals were surprisingly friendly & fun. Though I was not impressed that no one seemed to know who the actual Baldrick is. Then again, they are just a bunch of younguns.

Here are a few pics of the festivities.

Afterwards, I wandered over to the new incarnation of 305. They've taken over a Hostess bar (FRIENDS) and open up from 1am daily. They can also use it on Sundays or Holidays such as yesterday and open at 8pm. I had a blast singing some new tunes (I Got Yuko Under My Skin, HoneyDrippers, etc.) and would like to have an event there. It is more spacious than Liga and cheaper too I'm sure.

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