Under The Radar.

Alex's event started slowly but then began to pick up and we had about 40 people jammed into Liga listening to the techno-tunes of DJs Mokugohan & J-Loop. I'm only going to post a few pics but you can always check out my FLIKR for more if you'd like!

A pleasant surprise was a appearance by Mizuho of Pirate fame. She and her gal-pals stayed all night.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, though I must say that the "Pay-What-You-Like" didn't exactly rake in the moolah. Liga made a killing from the lushes at the bar, and even wanted more from our hallowed host! (I forgot to mention...one cheap bugger put a small button in the hat! Funny, I don't remember seeing Montgomery Burns there.)

Before it got to crowded, I dished out my KitKats to the Klientele. Much appreciated, though Sayonara-Anna wanted an entire wafer for herself. Best of luck in France!

For no particular reason, Pinky & the Brain go to Tokyo!

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