A Dancing Fool!

I don't pay enough lip service to buddy Rob, a fellow Edmontonian and fanatic Oilers fan. Since my beloved Leafs have fallen, I'm back on the Oiler-bandwagon and I can think of no better advertisement for that regalled team than to show a drunken goof in an Oilers Jersey busting several moves at Friday's Echophonyk.

Not only can he trip the light fantastic, but he can belt out a tune with the best of them. His forte is loud Guns 'N Roses type tunes, but he can also mellow down with a few of his pals' Monkey Majik tunes which impressed our companions to no end (not working Companions, but singing companions in the true sense of the word.) Not that we were too surprised, but the gals actually stiffed us on the drinks and left without contributing. Friends is pretty cheap, so it didn't set us back a fortune, but it's the principle of the thing. (Maybe they were Companions after all...)

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