Curtain Call presented FAME! Remember way back when at my Birthday Party when I mentioned the couple of ex-Curtain Callers, Karen Brown & Paul Harris? Well their son, Colin Harris, just happens to be the Technical Director of this show.

My Guelph contact, Iris, saw the show and thoroughly enjoyed it. Iris also has a request to my audience. One of the contenders for the Best Job in the World just happens to be from Guelph and is a Curtain Caller himself! Mitchell Moffit plays Nick and if we vote for him, he can have the World's Greatest Job and maybe we can all go visit him on his island once he wins. He has his own little YouTube song (lame though it is) and you can cast your vote here! (He's in second now but he has a chance if we all vote for him daily. I think the entire population of Taiwan voted for the #1 contender...we can beat that!)

ps. You can always vote for dark-horse Mie from Japan but I have no personal connection to her...yet!

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