Untangling Your Pony Tails.

Way back when (December '07), I spoke of the indie group, The Pony Tails being bobbed (breaking up.) Well, they've made a comeback and I witnessed their triumphant return tonight at Enn. As you can see, I bought their latest promo cd/dvd for 500¥ yet unbeknownst to me, the songs upon it are online at that click. You can check out some of their other tunes at their MySpace page. I absolutely adored the song that drummer, Yumie sang and hopefully Akari will send me a copy of it.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so all I have are grainy phone pics, none of which are worth reproducing here. Thus I have nothing to show you of 夢工場 (the 305/Friends owner's band), the CHICKEN masters, The Black Light Junkys (I heard them before, punky & spunky but their singing is lunky), JUNKIE BUSINESS (whose name is a great play on Monkey Business...with junkies! Akari proclaims that their guitarist is the best in Sendai, I say, "Meh", LONESOME DOVE WOODROWS were playing as I left...they had quite the fanbase, but I'm not sorry I left.

I once again chatted up the Chicken Masters' photographer, めえ, and she wanted me to ignore the bus and stick around. She said, "朝まで" and I misinterpreted the meaning to be "I gotta get up in the morning" but it actually means "until the morning!" Damn, I can be so dense sometimes...

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