A World Of Baseball.

It's time for Classic World Baseball again and Japan is looking to repeat its star performance from last year over Cuba yet again. I watched a bit of them lambasting Korea 14-2 yesterday though I missed Canada's 6-5 defeat to the US (one more chance boys, don't blow it!)

In honour of Japan hosting the Asian section of the tourney, McDonalds has come out with a few clear file folders featuring their top players. I usually don't make a post until I've collected the entire set, but that means eating entire meals there instead of meager Happy Sets. So here are the 3 I've acquired so far. Don't ask me for any info on them, use the Net...that's what it's there for. As you can see I have one showcasing 6 players, Munenori Kawasaki & Michihiro Ogasawara.
Oh crap, I just watched a commercial and there's a secret one. That means more chicken burgers!

I can't embed it so if you want to see highlights of last year's win over Cuba, click here.

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