Looking for a little more info on the new (& expensive @42¥ each!)
ティラミス (Tiramisu) &
抹茶ティラミス (Maccha Tiramisu) that I just discovered today, I discovered a blogger with more of a KitKat obsession than I! Impressive writeup on all KitKat flavours out there including several that have never made it to Sendai, I am very jealous indeed! (Click the link for reviews & photos aplenty!)

Apparently the Tiramisus came out last month but somehow I overlooked them. But I got one that s/he (not sure of Chris's gender) hasn't yet acquired! カスタードプリンCustard Pudding in a Limited Edition bag of minis. A very tasty treat that hits you with the aroma and colouration of Custard before you nibble at it!

While I'm talking about Nestle's wonder wafers, one of my students gave me a KK from England that boasts only 107 Calories! Wow! Diet KitKat!!

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