No Newts Is Good Newts!

One of the main reasons I head to Tokyo a while back was to experience my email's namesake in person (well, in amphibian.) So while awaiting a meeting with my Tokyo buds, I killed a few hours at the 恩賜上野動物園 (Onshi Ueno Dōbutsuen or the Ueno Zoo.) I had to wade through several other animals to get there, but I finally met my dream salamander, the オオサンショウウオ oosanshouo! (Click that last link for my previous post on this subject. Click the other links just for wisdom.)

First up we have my old email's namesake, the aoxoltl or a Mexican salamander.

But now we have the real deal, オオサンショウウオ, the Japanese Giant Salamander. I only wish I could have taken a picture without the nasty reflection but I did the best job possible under the circumstances. So without further ado, I present oosansho-uo in all his glory. (Lots of pics, please bear with me...)

This guy/gal has different dimensions from the more phallically shaped one. Since I know not their gender, I'll dub it a she and the Willie-one a he.

This little guy must be a wee lad/lass for he never ventured out from under this rock and I could never determine his size. Cute little nose though!

Holy Crap, they have one in Osaka! Yet another reason for me to visit there!

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