It's Only Logical.

Zoological, that is. I had to drag my sorry ass to the (八木山動物公園
Yagiyama Zoo) yesterday as part of a quarterly contractual obligation to waste a Sunday with my students. The last 3 that I've been involved in have been fun and this was no exception. Once we got going, I broke into Tour Guide mode, rambling about the animals, spouting miniscule trivia and bad jokes. I was in the zone! After we hit the Reptile House, it began to rain and that put a damper on the spirits of the kiddies and we broke for lunch. I continued on solo while the others ate and checked out the rest of Dolittle's darlings. This zoo may not be as large as the tiniest zoo in Canada but it was fairly spacious, at least they weren't cooped up in cages the entire time.

I'll start off with a panorama of Sendai and then just show you a gaggle of Canada geese, a parade of elephants (Indian & African), a den of snakes, a bale of turtles, etc and end with several simians.

But what was the creature that I liked the best, you might ask?
Why Godzilla of course!

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