"There's Trouble a Bruin"!

I wasn't sure how to entitle this post so I went with the least offensive. The Canadiens sure better come up with a miracle, or they're heading for the showers for "Boston is Creaming Them" (a rejected title, no way to work Boston Cream Pie into it and it sounds slightly rude.)

How about, "To Hab or Hab Not!"? I kind of like that one, it has a Bogart feel to it (To Have and Have Not, duh) but I see it was already used a month ago when talk of Celine Dion et al. buying the American-owned Habs and I don't want to get accused of net-thievery.

There are fewer actual Canadians on the Canadiens than on some American teams thus my only pick in the pool would make an appropriate title, "Last Tanguay in Paris" but he got injured and isn't even playing any longer, furthermore it's Montreal, not Paris.

Being a loyal Leafs fan, I should never have put any faith in a rival Eastern team, especially one that boasts that (according to Alex), "We've beaten Boston in most Cup series before so we'll win this one too." That being said, I refuse to root for the Flames even if they did win today!

I'll sum it up with: Go Canucks!

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