Happy Anniversary Batman!

According to one of the blogs I follow regularly, today is Batman's 70th Anniversary in Detective Comics. Not a bad run, I must say. I briefly scanned through the amazing GCD for some Propaganda covers and could only find one pitting バットマン (Batto-Man) against their Eastern nemesis.

The other one I scanned from a mini-book collection (Vol. 2) of Detective covers from #s 300-600. Once again, slim pickings but a Samurai Jack-in-the-Box is pretty damn cool!

I don't have any Batman Lego but I did see this movie. Lego-Joker definitely deserved his Oscar!

I have no Bat-Lego, but I do have a Cosbaby. Though Robin didn't show up until later, could he look any cuter than he does here? These are pretty expensive and it's too bad I got the lamest one so no more for me!

For my 50th birthday, my brother (who rarely gives presents) gave me this huge volume of DC memorabilia (Marvel too, but that one can wait.) The cover fit on my scanner well enough, but I took the other pics with my camera so as not to ruin any pages. Awesome stuff!

A couple of the pictures include some of the influence the TV show had on Japan, including artwork from a 1966 Batman album.

As soon as I find a used copy, I will definitely be picking up Bat-Manga. I leafed through a copy when I was last in Tokyo but didn't feel like hauling it all over the city.

I'll leave you with a chapter from one of his Serials, enjoy!

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