Way back here I spoke of a series called ヤッターマン and included a few picks of goodies that I've collected. Ever since the release of the Live-Action Movie, there has been a plethora of loot, including these オリジナルフィギュア (original figures) from
ミツ矢レモンサイダー (Mitsuya Lemon Cider).

Above is the entire unopened set to be sold at an enormous profit when this movie becomes a box office sensation. Here are handful of them opened up. I like the chick in pink!

Here's the trailer for the new movie and if I ever get some free time, I may go see it. One of the stars is 櫻井 翔 (Sho Sakurai) of 嵐 (Arashi) which is taking the country by Storm (Arashi means "Storm"...damn, I'm witty) and one of my students is their biggest fan!

Not knowing its contents, I found this on sale a while ago. I finally got around to opening it and it's a button & sticker. Meh, not worth tracking down the entire set, I fear.

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