Man, This Happens To Me All The Time!

Thanks to KJC for pointing this out to me. (Please check out her online comic, The Black Tower, when you get the chance!)
Now watch this video and play along...

It happened to me last weekend when I went out with Rob and his lady-friend's two friends fought over me. Here are some picks of Taka and Ran and us before the fight.

It happened to me yesterday at a Hanami party with the Liga gang. Sure it looks like we're enjoying a picnic under the (sparse) blossoms, and though they may have started out as busom buddies, after meeting me, the claws came out wrapped around sabers.

Before the duels ensued, I had a bit of fun bongoing and enjoying the few blossoms available while dining on snacks and sucking back brewskis.

After I pacified the Battle Royale, we reconvened to a warmer environment and started singing at Liga. Sure enough, I sang a Carpenters duet with someone at the bar when jealousy reared its head and another light-saber altercation ensued.

I let them duel it out, while I split to meet Akari at Club Squall where her friend's
Flower Session transpired.

I was very impressed by the visuals and the music but I certainly didn't expect to walk into Mos Eisley Cantina!

Surprisingly, Richard Pryor also showed up there...

Akari and her friend (whose name I can never remember and who celebrated a birthday) watched the proceedings in awe.

After that freak show, an odd dance ensued. Both erotic and neurotic!

I made myself scarce after that for I didn't want anyone else fighting over me!

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