Some Dim Sum.

According to the few actual Chinese people I know, good Chinese food is hard to find in this city. Now where I've eaten has certainly been tasty enough, but for one born & bred there, their tastebuds may differ slightly.

My Hong Kong pal, Hinnie, with whom I once worked side by side in Soma, asked me to collect these when she reluctantly had to move back home. I couldn't be bothered to get the entire set but I did get a handful.

Alas, they are not in pristine condition, for this one doesn't even have a matching picture-card. That is very unusual for me to be so neglectful. I can't read the Japanese names for any of them, so I'll just present them for you and you can guess what they are for yourself. Mouth begin to water...

My favourite has to be the Cart-hostess. Love the dress!

One of my students (and a mutual acquaintance of ours) is off to HK for Golden Week and I'll try and hand these to him to pass along to her.

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