Lego Of My Battleship!

Many moons ago, I commented on the Battleship Yamato and occasionally pick up the odd toy or watch it when it pops up on the tube. But my very own Jimmy Olsen (aka Mark Saito, aka Marky-Marky-Mark-Keene-&-the-Funkier-Bunch though he doesn't use that last alias often) has discovered a true fan.

Jun Brick has painstakingly recreated a Lego Yamato which after over 6 years is ready for public consumption!

Now watch its construction:

The above roving reporter is my contact in Tokyo who surfs the web with reckless abandon yet finds time to be heard or seen.

The last time I saw the guy was during my Omiya travels and I just realized that I'd never commented on his art show! Since it had a nautical theme, this is as good a time as any to bring it up.

Here are a couple of his ships if you feel like taking a cruise (and if you cruise over to his site by clicking above, you may still be able to buy a vessel.

If you ever need to navigate by the stars, he's painted a dozen Zodiacal constellations to aid you.

My timing couldn't have been better for I was able to go to his Opening and a herd of us went out for dinner afterwards and an over-expensive and not really all that great a restaurant. But we still managed to enjoy ourselves!

See ya at Golden Week, ya big lug!

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