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I rarely finish early on a Thursday so tomorrow I hope to go see a movie on メンズデイ (Men's Day) for the bargain price of 1000¥ (about 10 bucks.) Let's see what choices I have, shall we...

First up is おっぱいバレー (Oppai-bolley which translates as Boobs-Volleyball) I don't know what it's about but based on the website, there's only 2 women in it. Who's boobies exactly are being volleyed about? Don't want to chance it.

There's a new
名探偵コナン or Conan the Detective, but it stars the anime character, not Arnold, so I don't think I'll go see it. I am collecting the Mac's Happi Settos though!

I've never been a big fan of
クレヨンしんちゃん (Crayon Shinchan) so that's out too.

Not sure what 鴨川ホルモー (Kamogawa Horumo) is about, it looks like Kung Fu Nurses or something...not appealing.

ある公爵夫人の生涯 or The Duchess is ending this weekend so it's my last chance. Or maybe I'll wait till it's on video.

クローズZERO II (Crows Zero II) appears to be more Kung Fu-lary with a bunch of punks, no thanks.

レッドクリフ Part II (Chi bi xia in Mandarin or Red Cliff) looks rather exciting, but there will be no English and only Japanese subtitles to help me understand it. But it's a John Woo flick, so how much comprehension is necessary? Gotta see Part I first though.

The only other choices are a couple of American flicks, The Bank (The International-yawn) & Twilight. Twilight is a possibility, but I'm no teenager and she's no Buffy!

Thus I suppose I'll wait until next week to see:

天元突破グレンラガン (Gurren-Lagann), no idea what it's about but that poster looks awesome.

Rein-foru, ame no kiba or Rain-Fall starring an all-Japanese cast and Gary Oldman as a CIA guy.

Though I suppose my best bet is
グラン・トリノ (Gran Torino), that is if I'm off early next Thursday. Can't go wrong with a retired Dirty Harry!

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wiec? said...

everybody i know who saw Gan Tarino said it was great. Dutchess is the only one i saw. not a huge fan of those types of movies but it was okay i guess.

the rest i've never heard of or am waiting for video or will see smetime around ... never. sorry Twilight.


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