It's Touch and Go!

It's no secret that Japan's transit system is a tad on the expensive side. To make up for it though, it is one of the cleanest, fastest most efficient systems out there (unless it's a windy day in which case you could be stuck waiting hours for a train.)

Well, Su-Su-Suica is a swipe card that makes taking the train less expensive & swifter. With just a wave of your wallet, you can gain entrance & egress through the turnstiles and, though I've yet to try it, make purchases up to 20,000¥ as electronic moolah. Yet what is the most impressive feature of this "Super Urban Intelligent Card"/watermelon synonym (スイカ=suika=watermelon)?
It features Penguins! Lots and lots of Anthropomorphic Penguins enjoying rail-travel...sure beats flying! (Oh, wait a sec.)

Here are a few of the posters that I've snapped around town; the first one states
タッチand ゴー (Touch and Go), the second one displays how one can enjoy a leisurely breakfast instead of impatiently watching the time, the third pic is a cute take on the haggard traveller and the last one is just a whole parcel of Penguins doing what comes natural. (Click on a pic to PINGU-size it!)

So there you have it, there can't possibly be any other reason for me to bring up the Suica card, can there?

Oh ye of little faith, of course there is! A crèche of Penguin figures that come attached to bottled water! Alas, I only ever picked up one of this huddle of Penguins for the ones utilizing the Suica card are kind of cool.

I have though recently acquired the latest colony of Penguins doing various acrobatic stunts while enjoying some fresh AQUA.

Here they are encircled for your enjoyment:

Voila! We have a couple of commercials showing you the joy of Penguination!

Finally, we have some actual Penguins who haven't yet caught on to the joys of Suica for they are still stuck in the Ueno Zoo!

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