For The Record.

When I was home at Christmas, I packed a carry-on bag with 2 dozen records with the hopes of either joining the ranks of the Echo DJs or selling them off. My Japan-side collection is now up to 25 albums (apart from the several that DJ Mokugohan* has scammed off me including a White Album that has actual white vinyl) including my beloved Pink Lady. The covers wouldn't fit entirely on my scanner, so you'll only see part of the album. See if you can guess the titles or artists. Some may be easier than others. (As always you can click on the pic to enlarge it.)

Turnabout is fairplay and this Batman album was scammed from Mokugohan's collection: I couldn't resist its siren song.

*BTW, DJ Mokugohan will make a reappearance for the next Cherry-Picking Echophonyk on April 25th. Should be smoking!

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