To Go Boldly...

Seeing as I teach English, for me to deliberately split the infinitive is a no-no (oops, I did just that!)

There isn't too much hooplah as yet for the new Star Trek movie but this one-sheet mini poster is anything to go by, they're playing up the M:i:III &
ジェームズ・T・カーク connections more than anything else. As you can see, I have to wait until May 29th to see it and by that time everyone will have either panned or praised it (I suspect the former.) But I am a big Trekkie (not nerdy/geeky enough for Trekker) so I'm looking forward to it if for no other reason than to see Leonard Nimoy as Spock once again.

I'm pretty sure there will be lots more crap for me to clutter my apartment with over the coming months. The most recent item was this Enterprise, and wouldn't ya know it, of the two I purchased, I managed to get doubles! (And no, smart guy, one is not from a parallel universe!)

One of these days, I'll dig up my box of ST goodies for there are all kinds of Starships to gawk at. While I'm waiting for the movie and the Best of Marathon on May 23-4, let's take a peek at a forthcoming CSI for some Star Trickery:

Wait a sec, maybe I am a Trekker! I have this!

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