Public Enemy #1.

Everyone has their own demons to battle. Holmes has his Moriarty, Superman has his Luthor, Batman has his Joker, the FBI have a new addition to their Most Wanted list. My personal nemesis is free time. On Monday afternoons, I have 3 hours to kill between lessons right in the thick of Downtown's shopping district. I have managed to curtail my unquenchable thirst for crap (mainly due to tightened purse-strings) but I still managed to pick up a few items, including a UFO-caught Jack and, for some reason, a Capybara on a clover. I did go to my favourite Capsule shop and grabbed an Ultraman villain, Jamilar of which I am quite content.

But while wandering I came across a few DVDs for sale at 100 yen a pop for 2 movies! That's half a buck a flick, which is far better than the original price of 780¥. I know these Vanilla discs are in the Public domain and thus dirt cheap to reproduce and sure I could download them for free but these are in a handy-dandy format and I couldn't pass up a chance for a dozen movies including several Hitchcocks! Fortunately, Golden Week is coming up soon so I'll have plenty of time to watch them...(besides, I won't have any money to do anything else!)

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