Short & Curling.

Canada has won yet another championship, this time in curling. Woohoo! I hope the ladies fare as well...

In other sports news, the Toronto Blue Jays won their home opener much to the enjoyment of Toronto fans (oh what a wacky bunch!) The Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles have won their 4th straight thanks to four-hit 6-0 shutout thrown by Masahiro Tanaka for their home opener! (I'm the proud owner of his Calbee Potato Chip baseball card! Holy Crap, some of these go for 50 bucks!

I'm not going to bother commenting on Hockey until the playoffs. Leafs were out ages ago, Oilers have a minimal chance, thus the only other teams worth rooting for are the Montreal Canadians (not a welcoming option), the Vancouver Canucks (likely my choice) or the despised Calgary Flames (who look like they have a good chance of going all the way, but I cannot in good conscience cheer for them!)

So forget about hockey and check out the latest KitKat! It's
サクランボ味 or cherry-flavoured. Tasty enough but if you want to lose your appetite, you can also opt to download the latest Hiphop by Jin Nakamura. If you go to the KitKat Breaktown site (or scan the barcode), a truly terrible tune tintinnabulates!

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