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Today is 昭和の日 (Showa Day), a day off for us thanks to Emperor Hirohito's birthday. It's officially the beginning of Golden Week, although I have to work tomorrow & Friday, but then I get an entire week off. Yippee!

Since this week's hump day was a day off, I spent it with a pal from my Soma days, Hisako, with whom I went Museum hopping. I'll elaborate on the rest of the day later, but for now I'll just enlighten you with 藤田嗣治 or
レオナール・フジタ or Leonard Foujita who has now become my mostest favourite Japanese artiste. (Granted I am unable to name any other artist in Japan, but that's not the point.)

To learn more about this artist, click on any of the above links. Read the first one for a Japanese Wiki link, this one for an English Wiki, the second link for an interesting Japan Times article and the third one for his official site. His site is great, just click around and you can get tours of his atelier, church and several of his paintings.

Following are some other examples of his work though my the ones I loved the best were his 3 L'Apocalypse murals depicting the end of the world as we know it. Unfortunately, they weren't reproduced in postcard form, but these were...

Foujita has created his own shade of white by mixing face powder in his paint. It sure doesn't scan well!

Hey someone has scammed a bunch of his works and YouTubed them! Here ya go...

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