One of my roving reporters just returned from Australia and brought me three KitKats from Down Under (Get it, Australia is antipodean therefore TakTik is KitKat backwards, Ha!) Since I've tasted both Japan's Oreo-KitKat & Wheat Cookie-KitKat, the first I tried was Cookies & Cream. On the back of the wrapping it reads, "Smooth filling with crunchy cookie pieces over a crisp chocolate wafer finger covered in smooth milk chocolate." It certainly was,though the one thing I noticed was its overpowering sweetness. What a sugar rush! I shared a morsel with a co-worker who has been to Australia and she tells me that when she first got there, it was too sweet but after awhile, she got used to it. I hope I never get used to it...

Next up is a bar of Caramel KitKat which looks quite yummy, but I don't plan to sample it before bedtime. I'll share it with that same co-worker tomorrow to get her opinion. On the back of this wrapping is a statement, "Nestle believes that proper nutrition and physical activity are important in maintaining good health"...meaning get up off your fat ass and walk around the block.

Finally, he brought me a mega-wafered Mint-Chocolate extravaganza that offers up 22 wafers. I'm a big sucker for Mint-Choco, so I'm saving this for tomorrow as well or else I may end up eating them in one sitting. Since there's a lot more room on the back of this package, before the above warning it adds, "Life's all about balance." I'll have to ask him about the cost of these to see how they compare to Japanese prices.

Just so you don't think that Japan has been upstaged by the above, their latest creation is
(Espresso Coffee) which may be about the only time I've ever enjoyed an Espresso.

I should do a calorie comparison study on these but I'll wait until I taste them (besides, it's bedtime.)

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