Days Of Swine And Roses.

Click on any webpage and you'll find several countries cautioning against travelling to Mexico what with the possible pandemic of Swine flu.

Japan, as always, was quick to jump on the panic bandwagon but this time it appears that they have justification. There are several precautions that you can take to prevent the spread of infection, that alas, Japan is not very good at. At any time of year (especially allergy season), you can see people wearing masks, so I suspect that this act will increase substantially. I would love to see someone instruct the populace to cover their mouths when they sneeze and to provide soap in the washrooms though! (Time for me to carry around my disinfectant.)

I'm not very good at being serious so I strongly advise you to visit my net pal Laura for some real advice. What I can provide are some of our piggy friends with their precautions...

It hit Mexico first and Porky Pig was wise enough to try and evade infection.

Unfortunately, the strain had quickly spread from birds to pigs and eventually to humans. Porky should have known better than to share a watering hole with his avian friends.

Even Baby Piggy knows the wisdom behind washing thoroughly. Gonzo & Fozzie agree.

If caring for ill persons, wash your hands before & after.

Don't share food, utensils or beverage containers with others. Advice that Porky doesn't always heed.

Stay home when you are sick.

Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze or wear a mask! Porky goes a little too far here, but it's better to be over-cautious than careless.

A travel advisory has been urged against flying to Mexico unless you have urgent business. Even though he is wearing a mask, Peter Porker had better take better precautions!

Please heed the advise of our porcine pals and Let's stay healthy out there!

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