A Good Sport.

It's been awhile since the last KitKat update, and today I discovered two different flavours.

A rather bizarre tasting スポーツドリンク (Sports Drink) flavour does taste remotely like アクエリアス = Aquarius or ポカリスエット = Pocari Sweat. This is not a misspelling of sweet...it IS sweat! Every foreigner winces upon discovering this drink. I first equated it with pig perspiration, Peccary-Sweat! But back to the KitKat...what were they thinking? What's next, Gatorade? As you can see, it has something to do with JFA Dream Asia Project which is some kind of Soccer thing, so I'm not interested.

The other one is a rather odd flavour, ramune and if you click that link, another KitKat aficionado waxes eloquently about it. Basically it is this lemonade (ramune...get it?) drink that you can find at any Summer Festival along with かき氷 (kakigori=flavoured shaved ice.) I am not overly familiar with its originating source, but I gave a mini-wafer to each of my co-workers and they collectively agreed upon its remarkable similarity. Dig that crazy colour too!

Over the next two days, I will be handing these out to my students because...I shall no longer be teaching them (oooh, how enigmatic!)


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