Oh Snap!

I'm not sure what I did to piss off Karma, but she struck again with a vengeance! My brand new bike arrived today (unassembled as I feared) but a quick 20 minute walk to my local repairman remedied that. Out of guilt for getting him to put together my majestic steed gratis, I bought a new basket (overcharged I suspect) and another lock, for I didn't trust the one I got with it. Only a little over 15000¥, for the bike, but add up the accessories and tag on another 8-9000¥. Still far cheaper than the cheapest crappy bike in the Department stores.

So I rode my new wheels with pride and wouldn't ya know it, en route to Bridge, I was cut off by a moronic woman who drove straight into the intersection without looking or stopping first, prompting me to brake quickly and consequently fly arse over handlebars, landing on my left elbow. The lady asked if I was ok (大丈夫?) and I responded that I wasn't sure whereupon she sped off without another word before I could get a license or any info! CHARMING!

Stunned, I walked into a nearby conbini did a precursory check of my injuries, bought a drink and sat on the curb in the shade. A phonecall to a friend deemed useless (Curses: our relationship is purely one of exchanging sarcastic quips back & forth, impossible to be serious) but after 5 minutes, two separate Good Samaritans came by to offer advise and provide me with a cold ice-filled towel. I couldn't have been that out of it, for I contemplated asking the Samaritaness for her #! It took me an hour to walk home, soaked in the tub f-or a bit and then lay down and watched cartoons for awhile.

The poorly photographed swelling has gone down considerably and (the aforementioned) Alex and a friend came over with a Happi Setto (yay-Pikachu--I can play with it in the tub later!) and we watched Fargo. Now I sit here blogging with my right hand and moping!

Man, and you thought Earl had it bad!


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