I have been tidying all day (trying to find my bicycle registration so I can report it stolen...to no avail) and have come across many items to post about. But it's bedtime now, so let's settle for some Eggs. Aren't these cool? Let's crack one open, shall we?

First up is, of course, the King of the Kaiju, the Big G himself, Godzilla! Like Russian Nesting Figures, a little twisting of Godzilla's torso reveals:

None other than King Ghiddorah!

Keep cracking and we hatch: Mecha-Godzilla!

I'll finish ovulating soon, one more crack and voila, it's Mothra in her larval stage! She doesn't seem to want to open easily, but a quick squeeze reveals...

Godzilla's baby boy, Minya (not Godzooky, cheesy Godzilla Power Hour-cartoon fans!)

Put them all together and we get one wacky omelet! (Click the pic to Kaiju-size it!)

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