I'm Pezzed Off!

The reason for a distinct lack of blogging on my part is due to recovering from a cold and then acquiring pink eye (I get conjunctivitis annually around this time as an allergy to something...the forthcoming rainy season?) thus putting my energy for original thought at a minimum.

But tonight upon returning home, I have finally succumbed to the one crime that everyone else in Japan but me has fallen victim to. My frick'n bike has been stolen. I chose not to ride to work today due to the malaise in my peeper so when I returned home I discovered Old Blue missing.

I'm going to check with my landlord in the morning to see if he's moved it for some odd reason but failing that I have to depend on our incompetent boys in blue. They'll never find it!

That's why I've called in the only one around with any detective skills, Pez-dispensing Batman! Good luck Caped Candy Crusader, you're my only hope!

1 comment:

wiec? said...

sorry to hear about yer bike man. that's awful.

feel better.


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