My One Night Stand...

Revealed! Not as seamy as you might suspect, but rather a fun night with several ladies (and a few guys...) As this poster reveals, the evening entailed several musical performances (not sexual ones, alas) all hosted by our Lady of the Evening, Akari.

It started off with a very nervous Ponytail soloing on vocals & guitar. Pretty good, but he really needs more practice. He should stick to his group for the time being. Nice version of Elvis's Can't Help Falling In Love though!

Next up was my favourite Ponytail, Yukie (sans drums) singing up a storm of funk along with two backup guitars. She performed a few numbers on a Kazoo/Trumpet thingie and played a Japanese version of Alexander's Ragtime Band on an "accordian-keyboard thingie that you blow into" (not the technical term for it, I suspect) which was just awesome. I recorded all her tunes and would love to share them with you, but YouTube is being tempermental and won't let me download them. Take my word for it, she's terrific!

Next up was a soloing Chicken Master riffing on his bass. His guitar playing is great, but his voice is not conducive to such a small environs, he's better in a bigger hall with some backup.

This Anieky a Gogo guy from Black Soul Invaders guy joked and sang and keyboarded. I liked him a lot and look forward to seeing him again.

Last but least, was patchalone from Violets and though Akari et al rave about him, he's not my cup of tea.

Here are a few shots of the audience, there were over 30 people there which is a pretty good sized crowd for Liga.

Everyone received this free compilation cd. Pretty nice stuff. Up next is the Beach Party at Enn. I haven't missed it yet, so I doubt if this year will be an exception. Stay tuned.

ps. If I finally figure out how to download the tunes, I'll letcha know.


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