Fractured Fairy Tales.

It's official, I've been disarmed! I finally made it to a clinic today (you'd think there'd be at least one open on a weekend), my arm slung in the shabby looking homemade sling that Alex improvised from two towels. My pathetic guise allowed me to jump the queue and my Doc hammered away looking for a twinge of pain. He found one and referred me to a bone doc. After a few Roentgens (no such thing as X-rays here, only レントゲン) a mini fracture was discovered on my ulna.

What have I learned today?
A plaster cast is referred to as a ギブズ (gibusu), derived from gypsum.
Traffic accident investigators take an incredibly long time to come to an inconclusive conclusion.
It's true what they say about that itch that you can't quite reach being incredibly annoying!
And I look cool in a cast!


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