So Very Very Wrong...

But so very very cute. Who cannot love the concept of a fusion between Kewpie dolls and anything? Runatown has even coined a phrase for it: キュージョン (Kewsion). If you click there, you'll see that Kewpie has merged with every character imaginable, but mind-melding with Spock is pure genius!

I finally got to see the movie on its Japanese opener last Friday. I won't elaborate for those of you who hasn't seen it yet (ie. Alex, with whom I was supposed to view it until he contracted a Sehlat flu) though I did get to see it with a former student from my Soma days who runs a successful Eye Clinic in Shiogama. Thanks for treating me to a ticket and a programme, Takefumi!

I will offer my comments upon the casting for the movie though, so here we go...(I'm not going to take the time to link to everyone, surely you can Google them yourself.)

First up, we have "I am James Tiberius Kirk" himself, Chris Pine. He did a great job as a mesh between James Dean & James Kirk, a bit too angsty for me at times, but he does have an keen eye for the ladies...
Quinto as Spocko. My favourite Hero/Villain did an admirable job as Spock Jnr. Not as good at controlling his emotions as his elder self, but that's part of his charm.
Nimoy as Spock. Inspired casting of Nimoy as Spock. I'm glad he has continued to Live Long and Prosper, thus ensuring a new breed of Trekaddicts.

Bruce Banner/Bana as Nero. A Romulan named Nero...nice writing! (Better than Remus, I suppose!)
Bruce Greenwood as Christopher Pike. A good Canadian boy (hey, TOS had a couple of Canucks), I really enjoyed the Easter Egg when he appeared at the end of the movie.
Karl Urban nailed Bones. IMHO, the best casting in the entire movie!

Zoë Saldaña as Nyota Uhura. Very sexy, but she's no Nichelle Nichols.
Simon Pegg as Scotty. Awesome casting choice. I loved him in Spaced, Hot Fuzz and the RomZomCom, Shaun of the Dead. I love him even more here. One complaint...not enough of him!
John Cho as Hikaru Sulu did an adequate job, but aren't there any Japanese actors out there who are capable of playing Japanese? (Click on the label below, Japolliwood, for more cases.) Great fencing!

Anton Velchin as Pavel Andreievich Chekov. What getting a Russian to play a Russian!?! I found his acting superb, but his accent seemed too strong (paging Irony.)
Ben Cross as Sarek. Mark Lenard was brilliant as Spock's papa, but his shoes were amply filled by Mr. Cross.
I love it. Rather than show a photo of Winona Ryder as Spock's mom, Amanda Grayson, they just show a shot of Vulcan. Maybe she swiped the pic!

I started off this post with some of the ST goods offered at the cinema. Here are a few more.

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