Blue Moom!

You saw me standing alone. Our friends the Moomin Family have returned, this time gracing bottles of Dakara...Life Partner & Low-cal Drink. If you want to read up on the Moomins, you can read an earlier effort by me or click either of those links to different fansites (of course it helps if you speak either Japanese or Swedish, but that's your problem.)

Here are each of the characters offered each with a different background. ムーミン=Moomin (or Moomintroll) is a happy little hippo who likes to sit in a field and touch himself.

His ムーミンパパ (MoominPappa) is your typical Salary-man trudging off to the trenches sporting a spiffy tophat and nothing else.

MoominMamma is your barefoot and sweeping at home. Her Japanese title is おそうじママ (o-souji-mama) which means Housework-Mama.

This bohemian behemoth named フローレン (Floren) whose likes include flowers & streaking.

This elfin creature スナフキン (Snufkin) is very creepy looking but sports a snazzy feather in his cap.

Finally are the trio of ゆらゆらニョロニョロ (yurayura nyoronyoro) which are strange little amphibious willies called Hattifatteners in Finnish.

Finally, I shall show you something the other blogs won't, gratuitous butt shots of Hippos!

As always, pretty cool characters but you'd think the Mama would have something other that a broom with which to tidy, imagine the messes on the floors!

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