The Thrill is Gone.

Hey, did anybody see the news today? Apparently Farrah Fawcett died today! She wasn't my favourite Angel (Jacqueline was), but I did like her in Logan's Run...

& her figure was the only thing good about Saturn 3 (Kirk, what were you thinking?)

Alas, her tragic demise was somewhat overshadowed by another famous individual.

I'm glad to see that I outlived him and the last time I spoke of the King of Pop, I wasn't overly complimentary. I'm still not a fan of Michael the person, but his music certainly earned him his title.

I received 2 emails this morning at 8 informing me of his sickness/coma/death and when I turned on the TV, and all I could think of was, "I'd better pick up some CosBabies at HMV before they sell out."

I did so after work today I need not have worried for there were tons of them. This is what I got...

Billie Jean is pretty sweet, as is MJ in his pre-Zombie Thriller outfit. Yet at 980¥ a pop, it's not worth picking up anymore though some of them look pretty cool.

I don't have much else to add except my slight connection to Thriller. I am actually 2 degrees of separation from MJ. Back in 1999, I had a role as one of 500 other extras in Blues Brothers 2000. We were waiting (and waiting and waiting) in the stadium stands when who should I espy but the director, John Landis. I exclaimed, "Hey, there's John Landis!" Much murmuring amongst my surrounding Monster Truck fan/Extras ensued, "Landis, who's John Landis?" When one of the brighter ones proclaimed, "John Landis, he's the director of Thriller!" They collectively nodded their heads in agreement, proud of themselves for recognizing the esteemed video director. None of them seemed to realize that Mr. Landis had done several other movies as well, including a certain Blues Brothers pic!

Back to Jacko. Here he is flogging Pepsi:

Speaking of Pepsi, today I discovered a new flavour of it, SHISO...Japanese Refreshing Flavor. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that this is what led to the death of Michael! It was abhorrent! Neither co-worker could stomach more than a sip, and I bravely consumed about half of it, but could no longer continue and ended up pouring it down the sink. It looks yummy enough but smells of Peppermint deodorant and tastes like industrial strength detergent. (Oh no, just when I thought it was safe to go to the supermarket again, they've launched another Snoopy campaign! Aw man, I haven't finished off the swill from the last one!)

ps. Just to round off the Trio of Death, I should mention that Ed MacMahon has joined Jooooohny in the hereafter. He was rarely funny but a greater straight man/sidekick has yet to be made.


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