Toys Am Me.

When I went to the movies on Monday, I had time to kick around the Toy store at the mall. What is it about being in a Toy Store that it makes you feel like you're 10 again, except this time with disposable income...a dangerous combo!

(Beware, the last image is a tad disturbing. You have been forewarned!)

I refrained from buying any Beetles (tough to tote on my bike when I already had all my books from work to carry.)

or Gegege fireworks (I don't think there is any age restriction on buying high explosives here!)

How could I resist this Speed Racer vehicle (2-in-1 vehicle, hidden weapons, pop-up launcher, escape vehicle, poseable Speed Racer figure) for only 3 bucks! Much to my surprise, it is imported by Mattel Canada Inc., from Mississauga, Ontario, next to my hometown!

I thought this Yatterman mascot would be cool, it turns out that it really isn't! Near as I can figure, the little characters spin around like a top. Yawn!

A little movie called ターミネーター 4 opens soon, so I got myself an inexpensive preview ticket that comes with this mini-Droid skull.

And biking home, I came across a dead ハクビシン or hakubishin... how cool is that? I thought it might be a Tanuki, but it is more of a weasel than a badger and in actuality is a civet (and was probably hit by a Civic!)

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