I'll Be Back!

Last night I saw Terminator 4 (Salvation for you North Americans) and it was one of these 4th of a Trilogy, pump up the action-kind of flicks. The action was impressive, the dialog pretty dorky and a your suspension of disbelief is stretched to its limit at times (I thought John Connors' girlfriend was a vet, not a surgeon!), but it is a good time-waster. Major complaint...Danny Elfman's score was so generic, that it was completely unrecognizable as an Elfman score!

Tonight, I just finished The Sarah Connor Chronicles and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Just the right mix of butt-kicking chick action, angst & intrigue. I'm looking forward to this series. When it was over, I flipped channels and The Terminator was on, starring the Governator!

It's interesting that my new movie going pal, Takefumi liked #4 the best. Come to think of it, #1 is kind of cheesy, I guess you really needed to see it in the 80's to appreciate it. What I nostalgically appreciated was seeing Bess Motta as her roommate Ginger. Every single male in the audience when I first saw it, recognized her as the Aerobics gal from the 20 Minute Workout!

That was a blast from the past! Speaking of blasting from the past, here are some snippets from the T-2 pamphlet I picked up for a buck the other day...

Messages from Arnold, Linda & James including some quotes. I never thought I'd hear this character referred to as Termy!

I have no idea how this Telephone game was to be played, but it certainly sounds intriguing!

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