What's The Prez Been Up To Lately?

I've bumped into the Greatest American Nero a couple of times in the last week. First up, last week enroute back from my Optometrist, I came across no less than THREE toy stores in a one block radius! 2 were generic model & figure shops that I suspect only make their money from the sale of Pokemon cards and the other was a traditional store that sells all kinds of sweets & treats and various masks of anime characters & celebrities. This mask is actually supposed to be Obama. If it looks suspicious, the mask is covered in plastic wrapping, it is not Obama being suffocated.

Today while wondering the streets of downtown Sendai heading for the bicycle impound to see if my 2-wheeled chariot had been absconded by the boys in blue, I came across this capsule of mini-Obamas.

This pink one is not exactly the Prez, but it is one of 10 アニゾー anizo) straps. A rather dreamy-eyed pink lettered one whose kanji I cannot quite make out.

The one I was hoping to snag was the elusive Chief of チェンジ (Chanji) figure with a slogon of Change on the front & Yes, We Can on his back.

Cool, but not worth trying to collect them all.

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