Onegin, Off Again.

How about checking out an original Anime, called
ブラッド ザ ラスト ヴァンパイア also known as Blood: The Last Vampire from 2000?

Now, how about a trailer of the movie I just saw (with a handy link to the official site)?

Tempted you enough yet? How about if I tell you that it was the coolest live action Anime adaptation that I've ever seen? It stars Koyuki as 小夜 (Saya), a halfling Vampire fighter in a High School Sailor outfit who does a kickass job in slaughtering the undead with a katana and any other handy weapon. She faces off against Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyun, aka Gianna Jun who portrays villainess Onegin. The action was non-stop & gory & visually awesome & gory & with great CGI (for a change) & gory & great wirework/stunts & gory & surprisingly good acting & gory & it was all done in English except for some childhood flashbacks and thus completely comprehensible to me. Oh, did I mention that it was gory?

How about some
Last Blood goods? I only picked up a Clear-file (which is actually TWO clear files, much to my surprise), and they are pretty sweet.

How about a link to a surprisingly tolerable Glay who sang a song over the end credits. How about you watch the following preview with lots of English exposé and a snippet of Glay's tune near the end:

Okay, I was pushing it with Glay there, but even that song was fairly good. I have no idea when it'll reach North American shores, but it is definitely worth checking out!

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