Hello Rookies!

I'm a little tired cuz I just got back from a One Night Stand (details tomorrow) so I'll just do I quick post that I've been saving for awhile (while accumulating all the characters.) There is a Baseball movie that came out last month called, Rookies that has just been hit out of the park in Japan!

The players' features have been featured in tons of TV ads, promos for Toyota, Coolish (a kind of frozen sports drink you can buy at the cinema), etc. and that's not including their very own Special Goods.

But the one curious tie-in that I went to bat for was putting Hello Kitty figures in the uniforms of the all-male team! It's kind of difficult to discern them individually from this picture, so I've gone to the trouble of individualizing them. Click here to discover who is whom, cuz to me I can't really see much of a difference!

Pretty damn cute, eh!?! I'm still not sure what possessed the advertising bigwigs to equate this guys movie with the kawaii Kitty! (Anybody interested in the complete set? Give me a shout...)

The trailer with a song by Greeeeeeeeeeeen!

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